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Mon Amie Leroux du Youngs

Lefty Leroux de Harrellyn

GUN Mon Amie Leroux du Young's WRT TAN

18.75 inches tall, 34 lbs.

Mon Amie is a sweet, well balanced, polite dog.

She is very birdy, eager to please in the field and has a nice, natural intensity when on quail. Mon Amie has been predominantly handled by our middle school aged daughter earning the UKC GUN title including a CAG and RCAGt at Heart of the Prairie Pointing Dog Club's 2021 trial at Double Cluck Farm. Mon Amie has passed the Water Retrieve Test too.

Mon Amie is equally at home on the couch for days on end or working for hours.

Lefty Leroux de Harrellyn

The Epagneul Breton

The Epagneul Breton (aka EB or French Brittany) is a truly wonderful breed for many types of households.  

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Mon Amie Leroux du Youngs

Our Dogs

All of our dogs have great dispositions, are natural at working birds and are a joy to have in the house.

HUNT Lefty Leroux de Harrellyn WRT TAN

JH Ricola de Broughton WRT TAN

Twizzler de Hannahatchee

Taunter de Smiths

GUN Mon Amie Leroux du Youngs WRT TAN

French Brittany Puppies


We produce great puppies by selecting our breeding stock based on temperament, intelligence, working drive as well as physical conformation.  

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Our Horses

We have years of experience in raising equine athletes from first field fox hunters to upper level jumpers. Time honored methods are blended with progressive techniques to produce superior equine athletes.

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